Friday, August 21, 2009

More Madness from John C. Wright

An extraordinary "Apologia pro opere sua," with no apologies to Cardinal Newman or whoever, was posted over a series of days. This is the philosophical rationalization for Wright's deranged homophobic rant over Scifi's positive response to GLAAD. Hal Duncan is continuing his logorrhetic annihilation.

For my part, there is very little of note. Wright affirms that his antigay position is in fact part of his anitleftist position, and preceded his conversion to Christianity, or specific adherence to Roman Catholicism. There's no particular reason to doubt his word but it is hardly relevant in the sense that he thinks. Religion is the rationalization and organization of superstition and bigotry in the service of social order. That usually is straightforward subservience to the ruling class. A bigot will always find a happy home in a church.

Wright also affirms that his homophobia is a political consequence of his defense of marriage, which as noted preceded his religion. This too is likely true. Marriage as an institution exists for the control of property, which in this society consists even for the poorest of the wife and children. That is why marriage is not just a contract, a point he childishly belabors. Wright foolishly imagines that Christian marriage is somehow in opposition to the bourgeois conception of marriage as a contract. He therefore takes the extraordinary position that the oppression of polygamy (which he is so confused he dare not categorically call oppression!) is justified by the contract approach. In truth, polygamy, as an inherently unequal contract for sexual services (amongst other things,) cannot be consistently enforced by a consistently democratic government. It violates the principle of equality that democracy is founded upon. It is the view of marriage as "the cornerstone of civilization" that turns the state into the Scourge of God that enforces the divine sexual order. He apparently didn't realize that cities are the cornerstone of civilization, although the etymology of the word might have given him a clue.

Wright also seems to think that marriage itself is founded upon copulation. Somehow this doesn't include anal copulation. Given such vacuous notions, the possibility of superior marriage law than bourgois contract doesn't even come onto the radar screen. One of the simplest possible reforms, permission to children to leave the home at adolescence for a job, instead of staying under the parental thumb, doesn't even occur to him. No wonder this guy wrote that end of time crap, where Clarke's Law is invoked to cover nonsense.

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