Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nobody's that stupid

Since Caprica the series and The Plan are soon to be inflicted upon the world, discussion of BattleStar Galactica is appropriate. That, in honest discussion, means discussing the politics. To be accused of saying Israeli Zionism is inherently apocalyptic or that Zionisim is inherently Christian by Rachel Nussbaum should be expected. I'm not quite sure why it came as such a shock. She went out of her way to post love letters to Deep Space 9, where an Israeli Jew managed not to discuss any of the Zionist implications of the show. She badmouthed Kings without even being able to discuss the show at all. Whether she's kind to dogs or has never, ever given head or has a high credit rating are aspects of her character relevant only to her personal acquaintances. In the blogosphere, what is relevant is the integrity of her thoughts. In that respect, she is a lying bigot.

Although Ron D. Moore was not in fact the creator nor the main writer of Deep Space 9, the cult begins there. Deep Space 9 had Cardassians/Nazis, Bajorans/brave Zionist Jews (secular without earring, Hasidic with earring,) Ferengi/lovable comic Jews, the Dominion/Soviets, God/the Prophets, alliance of Cardassia and the Dominion/nonaggression pact between the Nazis and the Soviets. It was all as silly as space Nazis must be, but done with a clueless pomposity that makes adults writhe in embarrassment for the boobs who think this is good writing. The treatment of religion displays religious bigotry of the smug sort that dismisses religion as it is as the harmless follies of the lower classes, while endorsing its animus of hate when directed against the proper enemies. Certainly no one questions the benevolence of God the Prophets despite the overwhelming evidence. A taste for this malignant shit betrays something about one's character.

The fans of BattleStar Galactica are in even worse position, since BSG's stock in trade from the days when the swine at Peabody rewarded the show for its political engagement. The regular Cylons are Muslims, the Final Five are perilously close to being Jews, with the messianic ones surviving the apocalypse, while the evil Muslims are genocidally annihilated. Baltar makes a brave speech about secular humanist values which is totally irrelevant. The humans triumph by treachery, except by shamelessly ridiculous writing It's Not Really Their Fault. The shitheads who like BSG will never honestly discuss this because it shows too much about what kind of people they are. Just remember: Nobody's that stupid. They know what they are, they know what they want, and they know how to cover up with conventional groupthink about character.

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